Labrador Retriever puppies in Oregon

Merganser Stud Dogs

Labrador retrievers breeding dogs

Active Stud Dogs
Merganser’s Chief Mahomes (Mahomes)
Merganser’s Duck Dog Herbert (Herbert)
Merganser's Saint Brees MH (Brees)

Frozen Semen Breeding Only
Int CH Merganser's Abram Tank MH (Abe)
Merganser's Classic Matlock QA2 (Matlock), 8 All-Age Points
Merganser's Ferris Bueller MH, WC (Bueller)

Retired or Deceased Stud Dogs
(Qualified All-Age) Bonsoir MH (Bones)
Merganser's Favre MH, WCX (Favre)
Merganser's Hacker MH, WC, CGC (Hacker)
Nat CH Merganser's Hawkeye Gruden QA2, MH, WC (Gruden)
Merganser's Radar O'Reilly MH, WC (Radar)
(Qualified All-Age) Trulines Wild Son QA2, MH, WCX (Nike), 8.5 All-Age Points

Sold or Leased Stud Dogs
Am GCH-CH/Int CH Breton Gate Phoenix JH, CGC, WC (Zip)
Int CH Merganser’s Duck Dog Peyton JH, WCX (Peyton)
Int/Nat CH Merganser's Go Daddy JH (Go Daddy)
Int CH Merganser's Live Strong SH, WC (Lance)
Int CH Merganser's Yellow Jersey SH, WC (Floyd)

Labrador retrievers breeding dogs


Dianne and Alex Morley
PO Box 369
Creswell, Oregon 97426
Located south of Eugene, Oregon
(541) 953-8980
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