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Merganser's Classic Matlock QA2


Frozen Semen Breeding Arrangements: Stud fee for breeding to Merganser's Classic Matlock QA2 is $1,000 for one vial which is due prior to semen shipment. If an additional vial is requested for this breeding, cost is $500. Copies of AKC registration, Pedigree, Hip OFA or Penn Hip, and eye clearance are required prior to breeding. Stud fee will be reduced if two or less pups result from the litter depending on the number of vials used. If no pups or one pup result from the breeding, stud fee will be reduced to $500 if one vial was used or $1,000 if two vials were used. If two pups result from the breeding, stud fee will be reduced to $1,000 whether one or two vials were used.

Matlock's frozen semen is collected and stored at the International Canine Semen Bank (ICSB) in Portland, OR. ICSB's research in canine reproduction and semen cryopreservation began in 1971 and is still ongoing. ICSB has produced a live litter of puppies with semen frozen for 30 years. Frozen semen breeding costs for owners of bitches are: $30 tank rental ($9.00/day starting on day 8), $50 retrieval fee, and shipping (average charge is $100-$175). For standard shipping fees, ICSB needs to be notified within three working days prior to shipment. Additional charges result if ICSB is notified in less than three working days. Contact ICSB at 503-663-7031 as these prices are subject to change.

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